Customized Weight Loss Programs in Jacksonville, FL

You have tried dieting before. You may have even had success with various programs, but eventually the scales crept back up. For the personalized and professional assistance you need for significant weight loss over the long term, trust in VitalityMD. Let our weight loss doctors in Jacksonville, FL customize a program that meets your weight loss goals and lifestyle requirements.

Do the Weight-Loss Math to Find Your BMI

First, come the questions. Do you need to lose weight? If so, how much do you need to lose? Before you consider various weight loss programs in Jacksonville, FL, get the answer to these questions. At our weight loss clinic in Jacksonville, FL, we help you answer questions about weight loss. Use the BMI calculator to come up with your number.

So, how do you decide what your number means? Check out the BMI chart. Just reference your height and weight to find out what category you fall under. If this is confusing for you, do not worry. Schedule a free wellness consultation with our medical professionals, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Let Us Customize a Weight Loss Program for You

We offer you a number of different weight loss programs—all are personalized to meet your needs. One of our most popular is our medical weight loss plan. With this plan, you work with our weight loss doctors in Jacksonville, FL as you go on the Countdown Diet.

This effective diet plan is accompanied by weekly HCG hormone injections. The hormone offers energy and helps reduce hunger while you are on a low-calorie diet. This weight loss plan also includes nutritional counseling. Here is what you can expect on our weight loss programs:

  • Medical Doctor Consultation
  • Prescription HCG
  • Weekly Evaluations
  • Weekly B-12 Injections
  • Baseline Lab Panel
  • Access to Our Online Patient Portal

Contact us today to work with on a customized weight loss program that gets results. Our weight loss clinic in Jacksonville, FL is happy to help you get the healthy body you want.