How to Get More Energy So You Can Exercise to Lose Weight

weight loss clinic in Jacksonville FLIf you’re overweight, you’re probably tired of the number of well-intentioned friends, family, and medical professionals who’ve told you that a healthy diet and frequent exercise are the keys to losing weight.

They’re not wrong – Diet and exercise are an integral part of losing weight and keeping excess weight off. However, if you’re obese, your weight may impact your mobility and energy levels, making it difficult to exercise. When you increase can your energy levels, exercise will become easier.

Start Small
Don’t expect to dance for hours on end or lift heavy weights on your first try. Start small and work your way up to more exercise. Go for walks instead of running, and lift 5-pound weights instead of 20. Over time, your energy levels will increase.

Eat Energy-Boosting Foods
Follow your doctor’s advice for a lean and healthy diet that will help you lose weight and gain the energy you need for exercise. Proteins found

thro in unsalted nuts, kale, and beans may be what you need to find the drive to work out.

Hormone Injections
Human chorionic gonadotropin, or the HCG hormone, offers energy and helps reduce hunger while you are on a low-calorie diet. Weekly injections of the hormone are available at our weight loss clinic in Jacksonville FL.

It almost seems impossible – To have more energy, you need to lose weight; to lose weight, you need to have more energy. Contact us today to work on a customized weight loss program that finally gets results.