Fight Aging with Hormone Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

As time marches on, some of our hormones march away too. The decline in hormone production in men and women is a by-product of aging. You have the option of reversing the effects of time with hormone therapy in Jacksonville, FL from VitalityMD. Come to our anti-aging clinic in Florida for a free wellness consultation about bioidentical hormone therapy.

Using Bioidentical Hormones for Replacement Therapy

Our medical doctors advocate restoring hormone loss with natural—not synthetic—hormones. Such natural hormones are known as bioidentical because they are identical in structure to hormones your body makes. On the other hand, synthetic hormones have a structure that is similar, but different than the ones found in your body.

When offering our hormone replacement therapy in Jacksonville our doctors take into account the studies that show that synthetic hormones contribute to increased risk of cancer and heart disease. With bioidentical hormones, research reveals that the risk is reduced significantly. We use bioidentical hormones in the therapy we offer both men and women.

For men, our clinic provides therapy that increases testosterone levels. For women, our doctors remedy low levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone with hormone replacement therapy.


The declining production of natural hormones as we age produces a number of unwelcome feelings and conditions. Some people may suffer from anxiety and depression, while others experience memory loss. Both men and women report a decrease in sexual appetite and increased weight gain. Take advantage of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for these outcomes:

  • Restoration of Sexual Desire
  • Decrease in Body Fat & Increase in Lean Body Mass
  • Reduced Fatigue & Higher Energy Levels
  • Improved Memory & Mental Clarity
  • Increased Sense of Well-Being
  • Relief from Anxiety & Depression

Contact us today to bioidentical hormone therapy that replaces what aging takes away. Our anti-aging clinic in Florida serves patients in Jacksonville, Arlington, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach and surrounding areas.