Antiaging & Weight Loss Clinic in Jacksonville, FL

At VitalityMD in Jacksonville, Florida, our focus is different than the traditional medical establishment you may be familiar with. This is because our focus is on wellness, rather than illness. Come to our wellness clinic for medical weight loss and bioidentical hormone therapy in Jacksonville, FL.

Let us help you lose weight quickly and safely in a wellness program supervised by medical doctors. Or ask us to help you defy getting, looking, and feeling older by replacing those hormone levels that age diminishes. Call today to schedule a free wellness consultation.


You may weigh more than you want to and it may be the case that your weight is contributing to poor health. Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, rely on us to serve as your allies. Our medical professionals oversee custom weight loss programs that help you lose as much as one pound per day. We help you do this with our Countdown Diet, prescription HCG, vitamin B12 injections, and exercise. Let VitalityMD help you with medical weight loss in Jacksonville, FL today.

Restore Your Youth with Hormone Replacement

The decrease in hormones as we age leads to a loss of desire and depression, among other conditions. At our antiaging clinic, we replenish those essential hormones for both men and women with hormone replacement therapy. Get your youth and sex drive back with effective bioidentical hormone therapy in Jacksonville, FL.

VitalityMD provides a wellness program that speeds weight loss and defies aging. Contact us online or over the phone at (904) 221-1085 to schedule an appointment at our wellness and weight loss clinic in Jacksonville, FL.